Licence : Family Friends + Team


Share the planner love with family, friends + your team!

You can now make another planner for your mum, daughter, friends or work team.

Be sure to read the details below >>>

Once you’ve choosen your printable planner kit in store, add the number of licences you need for each extra personal use planner you’ll make for your family, friends or work team.
what you get
freedom to share the planner love with family, friends + your work team
How it works
After you have chosen your favourite printable planner kit in store, add this licence to your purchase, selecting the number of licences you need. #Note : You’ll need to purchase one licence for each extra personal use planner you create for family, friends or your team mates at work.
This licence allows
  • You can make an extra personal use planner from your purchased printable FUSElife Planner kit for family members, friends or your work team.
  • You’ll need to buy one licence for each person that you’re making a printable personal use planner for.
What isn’t allowed
  • You can’t make multiple planners and resell them.
  • You can’t make a copy for your family, friend or work teams and charge them more than the above licence fee, you would need a commercial licence for that.
  • You can’t make a personal use planner for your family, friends or work teams without paying for a licence for each person.
  • You can’t use it for FUSElife Digital Planners
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# This is a digital licence. No physical product will be delivered to you.
PLEASE NOTE : This Planner Licence is for PRINTABLE PLANNERS + PERSONAL USE only, to help you, your family, friends and work teams to plan your day with ease! It isn’t for FUSElife Digital Planners. That means you can’t sell them as your own, print them and create planners to sell, or create planners a bunch of planners for your team or family + friends without a licence. If you’d like to create planners for resale or would like a custom design, please see my COMMERCIAL USE TEMPLATES in store or get in touch, I’d love to create a planner for you 🙂

top tips for planning your day

  • schedule your highest value task in your peak productive time
  • keep a master todo list for things that pop into your mind throughout the day
  • and don't forget to confirm the following day's schedule before finishing your day