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Thank you, it’s a pleasure working with you Kevin!


Grow your business.
Achieve your goals.

Whether it's a design project or life coaching, we start by understanding you and your goals with a VIP Fresh Session.

VIP Fresh Session

Let's simply your business and life!

We'll meet online and find out about you and your goals. We'll unpack your strengths and skills to design a plan to grow your business and achieve your goals. You can implement the plan yourself, your team or with me.

We'll meet on Zoom.

Session : 197 USD

[ 247 AUD ]

VIP Design

Stress free way to get your projects done

For clients who need brand, graphic or web design work completed. these are the kinds of projects we can do :

Logo Design
Marketing Templates
Success Paths

or bundle your off jobs into one todo list.

Delivered in a day or a few.

Day Rate : 997 USD

[ 1297 AUD ]

To find out what you need book a FREE Connect Call today!

*Payment from you VIP Fresh Session is applied to the price of your first full VIP Design Day if booked within 30 days. Discounts available when booking multiple VIPs together, ask me for details.

VIP Freedom

Have a strategic designer in your pocket

Perfect for creative service providers who want personal design and strategic support for their business :

1x VIP Fresh Session
Review Design Work
Provide Feedback
Strategic Planning

Delivered over Voxer.

Monthly : 100 USD

[ 130 AUD ]

*Payment from you VIP Fresh Session is applied to the price of your initial VIP Grow plan if booked within 30 days.

Fast Action

Single Session

Ideal if you want clarity or a strategy to solve a challenge or help to decide what's next.

Single coaching session. Delivered in person, on phone or over Zoom.

Session : 100 USD

[ 130 AUD ]


Short Commitment

Perfect for a kick start in a new direction and be supported as you implement the change.

8 coaching sessions over a 2 month period. Delivered over Zoom.

Investment : 600 USD

[ 780 AUD ]

To get started book a FREE Connect Call today!

VIP Grow

1:1 Support for a Year

BEST VALUE and maximum growth to transform your business and life, done the FUSElife way :

Fresh : clarify your goals
Auto : automate motivation
Flow : plan consistent progress
Ease : simplify what you do
Grow : stack the wins

Delivered over Zoom and Voxer.

Year Rate : 3000 USD

[ 3600 AUD ]

*Payment from you VIP Fresh Session is applied to the price of your first year.