Want to save time with your marketing?
Let me show you how to …

Give your marketing a

Get the “designer’s guide” that will dramatically reduce the time it takes to create your professional on-brand marketing kit!

Get instant Access to Brand Boost!

$47 USD

You may already know

Looking good online is more important than simply having a pretty logo, a few colours and fonts.

But did you know that …

So let’s make it easier for you to look good online so you can stop tweaking another new template or rewriting your USP for the 100th time.

Let’s clarify what you need so you can market your business with confidence.

I’ll walk you through what to put in your professional on-brand marketing kit inside …

But did you know that …

Perfect for entrepreneurs who want to save time marleting with a professional on-brand makreting kit!

Wearing lots of hats | Short on time | On a budget!

Unlock the secrets on how to :

Create a professional branded marketing kit (so you can consistently look good online)

Gain more clarity about what you do and who you help (without doing another perfect avatar exercise)

Simplify your marketing message (so you know what to say to the right people every time)

Organise your marketing assets (so you can find what you need and stop wasting precious time)

What’s included :

:: The Guide
A comprehensive eBook with your Brand Kit Checklist and a Dictionary of terms with examples.

PLUS a welcome video to help you get started creating your on-brand marketing kit!

:: BONUS Templates
Designer shortcuts for creating your on-brand assets easier and faster!

• “Fill in the blank” copy formulas
• Mood + Brand Boards –  supplied in a variety of formats.

SHOW UP with confidence! knowing you can grow your business in less time with more ease.

It’s great to meet you!

Hi, I’m Jacqui, strategic brand designer, certified FGS marketer + VIP Day Expert, qualified life coach and creator of the FUSElife™ Freedom Framework and Planners here at WhiteSpace Design Studio.

Yes, I’m a special kind of creative 🦄 unicorn who enjoys bringing together the creative + logical sides to give your business a makeover from the inside out.

We’ll create a beautiful brand and personalised plan that gives you back your time and makes it a whole lot easier for you to grow your business.

Sally Hogshead calls me a secret weapon, and I look forward to being that for you.

it’s time to succeed by design!

Frequently Asked Questions


Once you’ve purchase Brand Boost, you’ll receive ALL future updates at no extra cost! It’s good to be you 🙂

Next to be added in April 2024 : Social Media Image Size Cheatsheet.

What formats are the mood and brand boards?

Currently they are supplied as : jpg | eps | psd | afdesign

Coming soon for Canva.

What size is the guide?

The guide is a custom size that suits printing on both A4 and US Letter sized paper.

Does this help me design my branding?

The guide shows you the different items you’ll need in your branding :

  • the different styles of logos, what they can include and lists the different kinds you’ll need for your marketing kit
  • the kind of colours to pick
  • the different styles of typefaces and tips on choosing them   

If you’d like help designing your brand logo, picking your colours and fonts please contact me, I’d love to help!

Does the kit have templates for my social media?

There are no templates for social media included.

If you’d like help designing templates for your social media channels, please contact me, I’d love to help!

Save time when marketing with a

Get the “designer’s guide” that will dramatically reduce the time it takes to create your professional on-brand marketing kit!

Get instant Access to Brand Boost!

$47 USD