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The FUSElife Planners have three sections : Core | Workbook | Planner. It’s based on the FUSElife framework for planning + productivity, that helps you set goals + stay focused as you get things done so you can be a Confident Planner!

Printable Planners are available in 2 popular sizes
Large [ fits both A4 + US Letter ] + Medium [ fits both A5 + Half Letter ]

Digital Planners come in one size as double page spreads.

Start with the Core
+ then add more!

The Core has all the pages you need to set up your planner with your personal information for easy reference, including Ideas and Notebooks.

Core pages
add your personal details
Belongs To : single page
Important Information : single page
Contacts​ : single page
Passwords : single pages
Subscriptions : single page
Important Dates : double spread
ToDo​ : single page
Notes : single page
Ideas : single page
Workbook Pages
your planning + productivity framework that walks you step by step to set up your 5 essential systems so you can
Goal Setting System

Stage 1 : Fresh - it's time to begin fresh, gain clarity about what to focus on and set the right goals for YOU!

Dashboard : single page
Snapshot : double spread
Check Up : double spread
So Thankful : double spread
Mission : single page
Vision : single page
Big Picture : double spread
Focus | Roles : double spread
One Word : single page
Routines + Habits System

Stage 2 : Auto - lay a strong foundation and create  routines + habits that help you live out your intentions and achieve your goals

Dashboard : single page
Routines : single page
Habit Tracker : two styles, single pages
Schedule : single page
Priority Grid : single page
Time Map : both Sunday + Monday starts, double spreads
Daily Planning System

Stage 3 : Flow - improve your productivity and get the right things done like a Pro!
(use these with your Planner pages)

Dashboard : single page
Milestones : double spread, in four colours
Monthly Focus : 12, one per month
Monthly Master : double spread, in 4 colours
Action Plan : double spread, in 4 colours
Processes System

Stage 4 : Ease - improve your productivity and get the right things done like a Pro!
(use other Workbook + Planner pages)

Feedback Loop of Success System

Stage 5 : Grow - reflect and grow as you create a business + life you enjoy!

Dashboard : single page
Find Focus : single page, part of the FREE Easy One Page Plan, grab yours below
Check In : single page, part of the FREE Easy One Page Plan, grab yours below

Reviews : monthly + quarterly pages, single pages

Planner Pages

All the action happens here ... plan your day + get things done as a Confident Planner. With a monthly focus, master and todo list, you’ll confidently plan your day and stay on track as you get things done.

Year page designs

Year A : single page

Year B : single page

Year C : double spread

Year D : two double spreads

Month page designs

Month A : single page

Month B : double spread

Month C : double spread

Month D : double spread

Month E : single page

Month F : double spread

Week page designs

Week A : single page

Week B : double spread

Week C : double spread

Week D : double spread

Week E : double spread

Week F : single page

Today page designs

Today A : single page

Today B : single page

Today C : single page

Today D : single page

Today E : single page

Personalise your Planner

the Printable Planner Kit comes with the following extras so you can add the details to create a planner unique to you!

Covers : front + back

Monthly Dashboards : set of 12

Tabs : set of 20 in 12 colours with cut files

Stickers : 87 stickers in 11 colours, inc cut files

Circle of Life : 57 stickers in 11 colours, inc cut files

Bookmark : single page

Additional Kits available in the Range

Basics Kit

a range of essential page designs to expand your planner and create trackers, notebooks + bullet journals

Notes : single page
Grid 5mm : single page
Grid 7mm : single page
Dot 5mm (BuJo) : single page
Dot 7mm (BuJo) : single page
ToDo Single Tracker : single page
ToDo Double Column : single page
Tracker 5 Day : single page
Tracker 7 Day : single page

Tabs : set of 16, inc cut files

Dashboard : single page

Journal Kit

write it down + say it out loud, gratitude changes your life for the better in so many ways ... start with thankful + end with awesome in this colourful gratitude journal

Covers : front + back
Belongs To : single page
Daily Page : one page per day
Bookmark : single page

Tabs : single, with cut file

2021 Wall Planners

map out your big picture plan : available in vertical + horizontal formats

A1 : Vertical

A1 : Horizontal

2021 Covers + Dashboards Kit

use as covers or dashboards | front + back cover designs included

You Were Born For This!

She Designed a Life She Loved

Turning Dreams Into Plans

Step Into your Dreams

Inspired To Create a Life I Love

Live With Purpose

Project Kit

be inspired to take action on your goals


Focus : single page

Projects : single page

Planning : single page

Mindmap : single page

Project Focus : single page

Timeline : single horizontal page

Timeline : single vertical page

Schedule : single horizontal page

Schedule : single horizontal page (sunday start)

Schedule : single vertical page

Schedule : single vertical page (sunday start)

Schedule (b) : single vertical page

Schedule (b) : single vertical page (sunday start)

Action Plan : single page

Action Steps : single page

Project Checklist : single page

Progress Log : single page

Tracker : single page

Tracker (b) : single page

Meeting : single page

Notes : single page

Tabs : single page

Finance Kit

set goals and track your way to freedom


Account Information : single page

Car Logbook : single page

Budget : single page

Savings Log : single page

Sales Log : single page

Financial Goals : single page

Spending Log : single page

Money Summary : single page

Money Tracker : single page

Goal Tracker : single page

Tax Receipts : single page

Monthly Report : single page

Debt Snowball : single page

Monethly Review : single page

Subscriptions : single page

Loan Payments : single page

Loan Tracker : single page

Bill Tracker : single page

Tabs : single page

A simple framework so you are free to focus and do what matters with more joy + less stress.

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