Plan your day your way!

be free to focus

in a planner unique to you!

planners that are refreshingly different

✏️   Mix + match printable page designs

✏️   Use printables with your own binder

✏️   Flexible + versatile to suit you

✏️   Digital planners with clickable links

✏️   Created by a Strategic Brand Designer
       and Life Coach

using a planner designed for you

means you can

Simplify your schedule

and take back control of your todo list

Be more productive

doing the things that matter most

Have a better
work-life balance

and enjoy life more!

latest releases

it’s time to succeed by design!

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My daughter and I both love your style! We plan to put a spiral binding on it as opposed to putting it into a binder. She is headed off to college in the fall and was looking for the perfect planner.

I love all the options and choices! It certainly will be a planner designed just for me! I couldn’t find one in any store that I liked enough to buy. So excited to get started printing and planning!  Thanks for making this so easy! 

Denise Shipton

Thanks again!, Happy Customer

be free to focus and do what matters

in a planner unique to you!

Plan your day your way!

Refill Kits
per Kit

Refresh your planner
for the new year

  • 4 Year designs
  • 6 Month designs
  • 6 Week designs
  • Printable only
Planner Kits
per kit

Plan your day your way
in a planner unique to you

  • Core, Workbook + Planners pages
  • Customise with covers, tabs, dashboards + more
Digital Planner
per kit

Plan like on paper but with clickable links

  • Core, Workbook + Planner pages
  • Clickable links
  • Stickers included

Like a custom planner, journal or workbook for your business

With my unique five step process we can create a transformational experience that makes it easier for your customers to take action + get results with your programs, courses and memberships … let’s create raving fans for your business!

let’s make it happen

and find a spot in the schedule for you asap!

Toil away yourself for the next few months or get it done f.a.s.t!
:: Let’s grow your business!

be free to focus

plan your day your way!

Choose your planner

printable or digital formats available
Set up your planner
print your pages or upload to you tablet
Plan with confidence
organise your schedule + do the things that matter

find your planner peace

like other happy customers …

I absolutely LOVE my planner and the fact that it fits into my life, rather than I fit into it. I'd be lost without my planner now. It's the best!

Angelique Carroll

So Much Colour + Joy!, Angelartz

I've actually been using your Colour Your 365 since 2017 and I absolutely love it. I've tried countless productivity and to do list and planning apps over the years, I gave up and went back to a paper planner!

Kathy Farmery

Tried Many Solutions, Planner Peace

Thanks sooo much, Jacqui!! I really love the planner. I've used it for the third year now 🙂 And now I can use it for the fourth time also.

Nicole Colleke

Tailoring The Good Life, Planner Lover

a planner designed for you

Here at WhiteSpace Design Studio we know you’re the kind of person who values your time and wants to know that you’re doing the stuff that matters.

To organise + manage your work, home, family and everything in between you need a planner designed just for you.

The problem is …
most planners only come with one specific page style and layout that requires YOU to adapt to the planner, and when it doesn’t work you feel like something’s wrong with you.

The reason you have a shelf of dusty, unused planners is that …

there’s no one size fits all solution.

You need a planner that’s versatile to work the way you do + flexible to change with your needs.

That’s why I created FUSElife Printable Planners so you could mix + match to create a personal planner that’s designed just for YOU!

So don’t waste any more time or money …

Use a FUSElife Planner and be free to focus and do what matters.

Frequently Asked Questions
What if I don’t know how to make my planner?
If you can print a page then you’re halfway there. I show the other few steps inside the Paper Planner Bootcamp. You get free access to this workshop free with purchase.
What if I don’t want to carry around a paper planner?
We’ve got a range of digital planners, ready with clickable links that you can load onto your tablet. The good news is that you’re still writing things down and so you still get the productivity boost of the brain-hand connection. Plus when you write down your goals you are going to achieve significantly more than those who just think about them. You are voted most likely to succeed this year!
Will a planner really help me be more productive?
Actually an interesting study from the Dominican University found that you can almost double your rate of success if you analyse your goals, write them down, set commitments to achieve them, share them with a friend and review your progress weekly. The first step for productivity is set clear goals. The second step is decide on your priorities. And I walk you through the steps to do exactly that + help you use your FUSElife Planner to become that kind of Confident Planner inside our self-paced step by step Club.
How do I know which pages to choose for my paper planner?
Good news, each planner kit comes with a handy Tip Guide filled with insider tips + tricks on using your new planner goodies. It also includes some quick start page recipes based on your personality and style of planning + doing, or as we call it your plan+do™ style.